Scientific writing and outreach, Networking, Intellectual Properties, Academia and Industry, Popularizing, attractive chemistry.


Sessions (variable duration) dealing with topics listed below will be spread over the 4 days of the Congress.

Theme 7 will focus on Young Scientists and on their needs, but will be designed to be of interest for a broad community of chemists, not only below 35 years old. The program will cover multiple aspects related to early carrier chemists’ interests and issues, among which proposal and article writing skills, research and project management, scientific outreach and communication but also networking with academic and industrial partners. A series of talks and round table talks on these topics will be organized during the conference, in parallel with other symposia. These sessions are independent (they can be attended separately) and are intended to target a broad audience of chemists interested to these topics. Invited speakers in this theme will not only originate from the academic chemistry community, but will also be selected from a broader audience, as experts in project management, scientific writing, scientific outreach and politicians will be also invited to participate to these sessions. In addition to this scientific program, a meeting space at the congress location will be available for Young Scientists to meet each other and for networking activities, a special focus being given in catalyzing interaction with potential employers, from industry and academy. CV clinics and soft skills tutorials will be organized in that room to strengthen these interactions. 

Last, the early career scientists taking part to the congress will be invited to an “early career researcher” celebration of the 100th anniversary of IUPAC organized on the evening of Wednesday July 10, 2019 in Paris (Maison de la Chimie). This event, involving a broader community of young scientists from Paris area, will be organized around a talk from a world known scientist and followed by a dinner and networking night. 

Symposium 7


Camille OGER (U-Montpellier, FR)

Bradley W. MILLER (National Enforcement Investigations Center-EPA, USA)

Sophie CARENCO (CNRS-Sorbonne Université, FR)

Stéphanie HALBERT (Sorbonne Université, FR)

Victor MOUGEL (ETH, Zurich, CH)


All along with: CV Clinics, networking reception and an exceptional event in Paris


Recruiting and Networking