Symposium CT.6



(4 sessions)


Industrial chemistry, scientific challenges, digitization, resources, mobility, well being.


Gérard GUILPAIN (Scientific Director, ARKEMA, Colombes, FR), Patrick MAESTRO (Scientific Director, SOLVAY, Brussels, BE), Thomas WEBER (Senior Vice-President, Innovation Management, BASF-SE, Ludwigshafen /Rhein, DE)


Format: Half-day symposium with an introductive joint session, followed by 3 parallel sessions with lectures and debate with the audience, and then by a joint closing session.

In 2050 the global population will grow to 10 billion people. Consequently, the demand for fundamental resources and the need for global preservation are rising. Access to food and water, need for infrastructure -particularly housing-, healthcare availability and an evolving approach to transport and communication are some of the challenges that face our societies. Minimizing the impact of human activities on climate change, effectively managing natural resources and biodiversity conservation are necessary constraints to insure the future of mankind. 
The community of chemists confronting these imperative challenges over the next 30 years will provide responsible solutions toward the 17 Sustainable Development Goals* set by the United Nations. The science of chemistry and the Chemical Industry (start-ups, SME, and large companies) are the heart of these objectives. The shifting mindset toward digitalization and sustainability will lead to substantial and continuous gains in productivity by improving safety, energy availability, and advanced manufacturing including reducing the industrial environmental footprint. This 4th Industrial revolution will support the design of new chemicals or materials for the 2050’s. 

The symposium CT6 is an half-day Symposium divided in 4 sessions