Symposium CT.3



(4 sessions)


All frontier topics in chemistry


Carsten BOLM (University of Aachen, DE), Mir WAIS HOSSEINI (UNISTRA, Strasbourg, FR),  Joao ROCHA (University of Aveiro, PT), Clément SANCHEZ (Collège de France, Paris, FR)


Chemistry is the science of the assembly of atoms, molecules and construction of the most complex components of building matter. All disciplines, from organic, inorganic and macromolecular chemistry to solid state chemistry, biochemistry, physical-chemistry, via the chemistry of soft or hard matter and polymers, today express a variety of strategies and ever more advanced ways to understand construction and development of novel assemblies. The structures and properties of molecules, clusters, aggregates, macromolecules, and organic, inorganic, or hybrid solid materials can be deeply analyzed and characterized by physical methods that are becoming increasingly efficient. Structure-property relationships of chemical structures are becoming better understood thanks to the intense development of many modelling techniques. Chemistry has thus a dual vocation. It raises many fundamental questions to help our understanding of the construction of matter, be it organic or mineral, living or inert, but it also offers important applications for industry and society (health, environment, energy, science and technology of communication and information) and opens original pathways for the construction of future societies, seeking to meet current great challenges of our century (energy transition, scarcity of resources, new contributions to medical research, etc..). In this context, chemistry is essentially a multidisciplinary science that we must continue to enrich and develop. Many societal problems will be solved by smart chemical approaches. However, the chemical palette is extremely diverse, and thus may lead to excessive specialization causing the ignorance of other subdomains. The purpose of this symposium is precisely to present the richness of chemistry by providing to speakers a selective forum to present their most significant recent results to a broad and diverse audience. The different communities of chemists will be well brewed and may express themselves at best. This call concerns all chemists offering them the opportunity to participate in this symposium unifying chemistry in all its facets.