Symposium 8.3



Eduard Hála, chemical thermodynamics, chemical engineering, phase equilibria, thermodynamic predictive models, data analysis


Magdalena BENDOVA (Department of Aerosol Chemistry and Physics, Institute of Chemical Process Fundamentals of the CAS, Institute of Chemical Process Fundamentals, CAS, Prague, CZ)

Johan JACQUEMIN (Chemistry Department, U-François Rabelais, Tours, FR)

Introductive Honorary Lecturer

  • KN: Karel AIM (Czech Acad. Sci., Inst.. Chemical Process Fundamentals, CZ) “Remembering Eduard Hála"


Invited lecturers

  • IL1: Emmerich WILHELM (University of Vienna, AU): “Solutions, in particular dilute solutions of non electrolytes: an interpretative review.”

  • IL2: Richard C. DARTON (Oxford University, UK): “Chemical engineering thermodnynamics: systems and surfaces”


  • L1: Zdenek WAGNER (Czech Acad. Sci., Inst.. Chemical Process Fundamentals, CZ): “Application of laws of thermodynamics to analysis of experimental data”

  • L2: Luis M. SANTOS (University of Porto, PT): “Nanostructuration effect on the physical-chemistry properties of ionic liquids”

  • L3: Jean-Noël JAUBERT (Université de Lorraine, Nancy, FR): “A database for benchmarking and selecting thermodynamic models”

  • L4: Andreas PFENNIG (Université de Liège, BE): Strong Influence of Molecular Interactions over Large Distances and Its Consequences

  • L5: Alex DE VISSCHER (Concordia University Montréal, CA): “How well can we predict solubility, Henry constant, and vapor-liquid equilibria?”

  • L6: Andreas KLAMT (COSMOlogic, Leverkusen,DE): “From Quantum Chemistry to Vapor-Liquid Equilibria”


Format:  A half-day symposium including Keynote (KN) and Invited (IL). No contributed lectures (CL)


Prof. Eduard Hála (9. 12. 1919 – 28. 8. 1989) was born in Roudnice nad Labem. After graduating from secondary school that he had attended in Kolín and Chrudim and after an involuntary break caused by WWII he graduated in chemistry in 1947 at the Czech Technical University (CTU). He then became junior lecturer and later on senior lecturer in physical chemistry at first at CTU and later at the independently founded University of Chemistry and Technology (UCT) in Prague. With Arnošt Reiser they wrote a seminal university textbook of physical chemistry the first volume of which was published in 1960. When he was forced to leave UCT for the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences in 1958, he first worked at the Institute of Physical Chemistry, but was later offered to create his own thermodynamic group at the Institute of Chemical Process Fundamentals. His laboratory very soon became worldrenowned not only among physical chemists, but also with chemical engineers. In tribute to prof. Hála, the laboratory was renamed shortly after his death to Eduard Hála Laboratory of Thermodynamics, on suggestion of the international thermodynamic community. When the thermodynamic laboratory became part of the Department of Separation Processes in 2014, Hála’s legacy was passed over, in the name of Eduard Hála Laboratory of Separation Processes. On the occasion of the centenary of Prof. Hála's birth a special session of the IUPAC World Chemistry Congress will commemorate the great scientist and inspiring personality.