Session 2.2.1

New chemistries for batteries


New electrolyte systems, post LIB chemistry, Na-ion batteries and multi-valent ion batteries, binders, novel tools for battery characterizations, high-energy electrode.


Speakers :

  • KN: Atsuo YAMADA (University of Tokyo, JP)

  • IL1: Jang Wook CHOI (Seoul National University, KR)

  • IL2: William CHUEH (Stanford University, USA)


Lithium rechargeable batteries have served as one of the most important power sources in portable electronic devices for past decades. For emerging large-scale applications, however, the current lithium battery chemistry has to be further improved with respect to the energy/power/cost/stability, which requires the breakthrough progress in the technology or new battery chemistry beyond lithium. This session will focus on the relevant recent progress in this regard.