Session 1.2.1

Chemical reactivity : challenges for medical innovation


Chemical space exploration, Strategy in synthesis, new reagents, heterocyclic chemistry, click chemistry, antimicrobial peptides, bioactive fungal compounds, selective functionalization of biomolecules.

Symposium Honorary lecturer

  • THL: Phil BARAN (Scripps Institute, La Jolla, USA)


  • IL1: Frédéric TARAN (CEA, Saclay, FR)

  • IL2: Roderich D. SÜSSMUTH  (Technical University Berlin, DE)

  • IL3: Maxime Lampilas (Sanofi, Vitry, FR)


Exploration of the druggable chemical space requires original tools and new strategies to access novel heterocyclic structures or pseudo peptides that represent challenging bioactive targets. Moreover, these strategies have to be transposable into economically viable industrial chemical processes taking into account intellectual property aspects as well as environmental constraints and high level purity standards.