Session CT 7.3

From Advanced Polymerizations to Controlled Macromolecular Architectures and Functional Polymer Materials


  • Krzysztof MATYJASZEWSKI (U-Carnegie Mellon, Pittsburgh, USA)

  • Laurent BOUTEILLER (IPCM, Sorbonne Université, Paris, FR)


  • IL: Brent SUMERLIN (University of Florida, Gainesville, USA)  


The Symposium will comprise presentations on new trends in polymer synthesis, including reversible-deactivation radical polymerization, ring opening and coordination polymerization. It will also cover new trends in controlling polymer architecture, encompassing polymer topology, composition and functionality. The resulting polymers with precisely controlled architecture find applications as advanced materials for biomedicine, as well as energy and environment-related areas.



Reversible deactivation radical polymerization, metatheis, ring opening polymerization, sequence controlled and branched polymers, nanostructured advanced functional materials