Session CT 7.2

Highlights in Organic Chemistry and Homogeneous Catalysis


Catalysis, Organic Synthesis, New Reaction Development, Reaction Mechanism



  • Amir HOVEYDA (ISIS, University of Strasbourg, FR ; Boston College, Chestnut Hill, USA)

  • Janine COSSY (ESPCI, Paris, FR)


  • IL: Joseph MORAN (ISIS, University of Strasbourg, FR)  


The ability to access organic molecules of various shapes and sizes in a practical, economical, environmentally safe, efficient, and selective way remains a central challenge in modern chemistry – one that can directly impact other key areas of research, such as medicine, investigations regarding the origin of life, and the discovery of new functional materials.  Accordingly, design and development of new catalysts and strategies for chemical synthesis, especially when based on a greater understanding of the inner workings of a transformation, are at the very heart of this crucial area of research.