Session CT 6.4

Wellbeing and Closing


Well being – health – entrepreneurship – sustainability – innovation



  • IL1: John MACOR (Sanofi, USA) 

  • IL2: David A. WEITZ (Harvard University, Cambridge, USA) 

  • IL3: Bennard Van Ravenzwaay (BASF, Ludwigshafen,SE) 


Well-being is the fundamental desire of mankind. We all want a better, longer life with rapid access to advanced technologies in areas like health and personal care, agro chemistry and food preservation. Chemistry is the cornerstone of well-being through a vast history of active discovery, manufacturing advancements and continuous optimization. Recent exploration has focused on improving targeting of molecules, active delivery, controlled release formulations and new sensorial properties. Given the huge number of products used in these areas and their potential environmental impact, producing and using them in a sustainable way is key. To this respect, using more bio based products, formulating for resource efficiency and recycling where possible are areas that can progress through chemistry. New processes are also needed. Intensification, miniaturization and digitalization must be developed to allow more compact plants with proximity to consumers. Reduced transportation emissions are just one example of the impact that can be achieved.

Closing session

  • IL: Peter NAGLER (Former CIO, EVONIK; Execut. Director ICES – Institute for Chemical and Engineering Sciences, Singapore, SG) 

  • Open Discussion (speakers, young chemists, senior scientists)

  • Moderator: a Young Scientist to be nominated