Session CT 6.3



Sustainable tires, connected roads, power and computation


Speakers ​​

  • IL1: Pierre ROBERT (Michelin, Ladoux, FR) 

  • IL2: Eric COQUELLE (COLAS, Paris, FR)


The mobility landscape is being rapidly reshaped by global demand. In cities, passenger mobility needs will double, while even larger growth is expected in the field of goods transportation. The automotive industry is inherently supported by chemical and digital innovations. Mobility options have already greatly expanded with changing regulations and recent technical developments including artificial intelligence, added functionality of roadways, recycling and the push toward a more circular economy, enhanced sensors and new energy forms. Additionally, the voice of the consumer demanding fast, reliable, convenient and individualized mobility are growing louder. This evolution provides a great number of opportunities for further material development and highlights the importance of understanding the “human behavior – car performance – infrastructure” triangle.