Session CT 6.2



Bio-based raw materials - recycled raw materials - energy


Speakers ​​

  • IL1: Reinhold E. ACHATZ (Thyssen Krupp AG, Essen, DE) 

  • IL2: Yvon LE HENAFF (IAR pole, FR)

  • IL3: Pierre francois BAREEL (COMET SME, Châtelet, BE) 


“In nature nothing is created, nothing is lost, everything changes.” For the “Lavoisier” transformation industry, access and availability of new and diversified raw material or energies are crucial. Under the pressure of dwindling carbon resources (hydrocarbons, coal) and their negative environmental impact, the chemical industry and downstream users are seeking alternatives. Biomass or agriculturally based raw materials, if not in competition with food demand, provide promising options. Various waste streams also constitute a potential source of strategic raw materials. This approach requires new structuring and design for efficient collection, separation and purification for upcycling materials.  Besides raw materials, effective energy use is also needed for chemical transformation. All industries will continue to benefit from these developments.