Session CT 5.2

Performance of Materials in Harsh Conditions from Cryogenic to High Temperature


Characterization, oxidation, corrosion, ablation, radiation, ageing, damage, plasma, durability, behavior, modelling, return of experience in extreme conditions



  • KN: Justin KASPER (U-Michigan, USA)

  • IL1: Bohan WU (Beijing Inst. Spacecraft Environ. Eng., CN)

  • IL2: Bikramjit BASU (Indian Inst. Sci. Bangalore, IN)


The new materials in development must be studied in representative conditions of their application field. Physico-chemical behavior, thermophysical properties, mechanical behavior, oxidation kinetics... must be determined. This session will provide insights on the study of the behavior of advanced materials through testing in simulating environment with coupled constraints. Elementary and synergic effects of the constraints can be discussed. Modelling as well as real experiments can be presented. Examples of such constraints are: atomic oxygen, thermal cycling, vacuum, plasma, atmospheric entry, specific chemical exposition, high and low temperatures …