Session CT 5.1

Design and Synthesis of New Materials for Extreme Environment


Ceramics, refractory alloys, ODS, new high-entropy alloys, intermetallics, composites, coatings development, energy efficiency, thermal insulation, high temperature, cryogeny, durability, self-healing properties, thermodynamics, computational modeling.



  • KN1: Yanchun ZHOU (Aerosp. Res. Inst. Mat. & Process. Tech., Beijing, CN)

  • KN2: Vladimir FORTOV (Joint Institute for High Temperatures of RAS, Moscow, RU)

  • IL1: Diletta SCITI (ISTEC-CNR, Faenza, IT)



High temperature applications are increasing in several industrial fields (nuclear, space, aeronautics, turbomachinery…). This requires the conception of new materials to sustain such extreme environment, from the combinatorial approach up to the elaboration using different techniques (additive manufacturing, Spark Plasma Sintering…). This session aims at presenting the new trends in materials design for different applications, the processes associated, from concentrated solar energy utilization, to new metallurgies and up to nuclear/space applications. Trends are pushing towards multi-functional materials: how is it possible in extreme conditions ?