Session CT 4.2

New concepts and material characterization method using EM waves


Ultrafast spectroscopy, THz, X-ray, photosynthesis, solar cells, ultrafast reactions, spintronic devices, strong coupling



  • KN: Villy SUNDSTRÖM (Lund University, SE) 

  • IL1: Lin X. CHEN (Dept of Chemistry, Northwestern University, USA)

  • IL2: Keisuke TOMINAGA (Kobe University, JP)


The development of high-end materials is not only a challenge from the synthesis point-of-view, but would not be possible without state-of-the-art photochemical characterization procedures (e.g. XPS, time-resolved spectroscopies, THz imaging etc.). These are rapidly evolving, since new concepts and techniques are emerging as to how waves interact with nanomaterials. In addition, the latter are now an integral part of material chemistry. As an example, time-resolved spectroscopy establishes a fertile interdisciplinary feedback loop between scientists active in modern photochemistry and optoelectronics or nanomaterials for health.