Session CT 3.4

Tailor-made molecules and materials : from design to construction mechanisms


Biomolecular structures, bioactivity, regenerative medicine, metal walk and catalysis, remote functionalization



  • KN: Samuel STUPP (NWU, Evanston, USA) “Convergence of Chemistry with Materials Science and Life Sciences for Regenerative Medicine”

  • IL1: Ilan MAREK (Technion, Haifa, IL) “Remote Functionalization: Merging metal-walk with C-C Bond Cleavage“

  • IL2: Adriano D. Andricopulo (IFSC/USP, BR)


This session will cover topics of current interest spanning from new synthetic methodologies to regenerative medicine. A new synthetic approach dealing with remote functionalization leading to creation of several consecutive stereogenic centres in acyclic systems will be presented. Strategies to regenerate parts of the human body based on convergence of chemistry, life sciences, and materials science will be covered.