Session CT 3.3

From polymers to bioelectronics


Polymer, therapy, coordination-insertion, metallocene, carbocatalysis, photosynthesis, energy materials, bioelectronic interfaces, electronic skin.


Speakers ​​

  • Symposium Honorary Lecture: THL: to be confirmed

  • IL1: Markus ANTONIETTI (Max Planck Institute, Potsdam, DE) 

  • IL2: Kyoko NOZAKI (Tokyo University, JP) 

  • IL3: Stéphanie P. LACOUR (EPFL, Lausanne, CH) 


This session is devoted to three domains covering topics ranging from polymers and their applications to soft materials in neural engineering. The session will start by a presentation on polymers and their use in therapy. It will be followed by the use of carbon-nitrogen nanostructures in “E2M” materials (energy-to-molecule) and their application in artificial photosynthesis, hybrid solar cells and light driven ion pumping. New homogeneous catalysis for organic and polymer synthesis will be presented. Finally, at the crossroads of engineering and biology, integration of soft bioelectronic interfaces and “electronic skin“ will be presented. .