Session CT 3.2

From synthesis to self-regulating artificial systems


Synthesis, fluorination, graphene, graphene nanoribbons, dynamic structures, self-regulation



  • IL1: Klaus MÜLLEN (Max-Planck Institut für Polymerforschung, Mainz, DE) 

  • IL2: Joanna AIZENBERG (Harvard University, USA) 


The session will cover three topics of current interest spanning from synthetic methodologies for the preparation of fluorinated compounds and graphene derivatives and nanographene ribbons to self-regulating artificial systems. The role played by fluorinated compounds in life sciences, in particular in pharmacy is of prime importance. Recent approaches based on late stage fluorination will be discussed. Graphenes are particularly interesting materials in physics and engineering. a “bottom-up”, precision synthesis of branched polyphenylene polymers as precursors for perfectly “graphitized”, solution-processable GNRs and on-surface synthesis based on immobilized monomers followed by in-situ STM- control polymerization will be presented. Finally, dynamic structures responding reversibly to changes in their environment as self-regulating thermal and lighting systems will be discussed