Session CT 3.1

From light to sustainable chemistry and adaptation


Supramolecular chemistry, dynamic covalent chemistry, constitutional dynamic chemistry, hybrid catalysis, carbocyclization, nanopalladium, chromophores, luminescence, supramolecular assembly, functional materials



  • Symposium Honorary Lecture: THL: Jean-Marie LEHN, Nobel 1987 (UNISTRA, Strasbourg, FR) 

  • KN: Jan-Erling BÄCKVALL (Stockholm University, SE) 

  • IL2: Vivian W.W. YAM (Hong-Kong University, CN) 


This session will cover challenging topics of current interest ranging from supramolecular and adaptive chemistry to sustainable chemistry and the interplay between light and matter. The session will start with perspectives in supramolecular chemistry leading to dynamic covalent chemistry towards systems of increasing complexity. The following topic will cover biomimetic catalysis in Green Organic Transformations and the development of biomimetic hybrid catalysts that work as artificial metalloenzymes. Finally, novel classes of light-absorbing and luminescent metal-containing molecular materials forming supramolecular assemblies and nanostructures with different morphologies will be described.