Session CT 2.3.

Chemistry to design materials for mobility, energy and infrastructures of the future


Smart materials, lightweight materials, new energy sources, energy efficiency, thermal insulation, acoustic insulation, air quality, moisture management, smart surfaces, bio-based materials, self-healing properties, shape memory materials, chemistry for solar-energy conversion.


Speakers ​​

  • KN: James B. METSON (University of Auckland, NZ))

  • IL1: Luc AVEROUS (UNISTRA, Strasbourg, FR)

  • IL2: Jun TAKEYA, (Dept Adv. Mat. Sci., University of Tokyo, JP)


Regarding transportation, chemistry is still the main lever to propose materials, energy or polymer precursors with low impact on resources and environment. CO2 emissions are not the only focus point and other LCA (life cycle assessment) indicators have to be followed to guarantee positive environmental footprint impact of new technologies. This session will provide insights on chemistry to propose advanced materials and technologies, building the mobility of the future.