Session CT 2.2.

Chemistry, Materials and Resources for Sustainable Construction


Life cycle assessment, lightweight materials, bio-based materials, energy efficiency, thermal insulation, acoustic insulation, indoor air quality, moisture management, waterproofing, surface hydrophobicity and self-cleaning, fire reaction and fire resistance, durability, waste valorization and recycling, self-healing properties, solar reflectivity, antimicrobial properties.


Speakers ​​

  • KN: Guillaume HABERT (ETH, Zürich, CH)

  • IL1: Tatiana BUDTOVA (Mines Paris-Tech, Sophia-Antipolis, FR)

  • IL2: to be completed


Sustainable construction requires building materials with low impact on the environment and on the resources over their entire lifetime and addresses both the quality of indoor environment and the safety of the occupants. The current session aims at presenting the new trends in chemistry and materials science for sustainable building applications, from construction or renovation to demolition and recycling.