Session CT 1.2

In situ or Operando Characterization


In situ, in vivo, operando, environmental characterization, high temperature, high pressure conditions, catalysis, energy storage materials


Speakers ​​

  • KN: Clare GREY (Cambridge University, Cambridge, UK)

  • IL1: Miguel A. BAÑARES (CSIC, Madrid, ES)

  • IL2: Jan-Dierk GRUNWALDT (KIT, Karlsruhe, GE)


This session will focus on techniques for characterizing functional materials at work during their synthesis or during their subsequent applications. Indeed sample environment with insitu, in-vivo, operando or environmental capabilities open possibilities to examine realistically real systems in their working conditions: reactivity, catalytic processes, dynamics… under high or low pressures, high or very high temperature, or irradiation to cite a few. They cover a variety of specific challenges and allow making the bridge from idealized to real systems. The purpose of this session is to broaden the interest of various communities to engage in situ or operando studies of materials, from nanoparticles or thin films synthesis to catalysts, energy storage materials to cite only a few scientific fields.