Session 8.2.2

Quality Data for Quality Chemistry


Assuring data integrity is essential for translating chemical research into broader applications. Assessing the validity and utility of data is increasingly important in digital technologies and to promote discovery and interoperability of data globally across the chemical and related sciences. The critical evaluation of chemical data has long been a core IUPAC activity, from its earliest contributions to review and recommend atomic weights in the Periodic Table. This symposium session focuses on three interrelated parts of the evaluation process to generate quality data for the scientific community: accumulated experience and breadth of IUPAC contributions to critically evaluate different classes of chemical data, best practices for creation of evaluated and documented data, and the strategies for disseminating and evaluating data through digital methodologies.



Critical evaluation, data integrity, data validation, metrology  



  • IL1: John RUMBLE (President, R&R Data Services, Gaithersburg, MD, USA)

  • IL2: David SHAW (Chair, IUPAC Interdivisional Subcommittee on CriticalEvaluation of Data, Boston, USA)