Session 8.2.1

Advancing Frontiers in Digital Chemistry


The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals present an important yet formidable challenge for society. As a central science, chemistry research and applications are pivotal to global well-being and development. Advances in digital technologies and machine learning are leading to new possibilities for data manipulation and interpretation across disciplines. Automated workflows are generating unprecedented amounts of chemical data and increasing opportunities for knowledge discovery. Based on a long and robust history of data driven analysis, digital chemistry is in an excellent position to tap this collusion of data availability and scale up solutions for addressing sustainability interests world-wide. This symposium will feature strategies for digital processes in the industrial sector, trends in disruptive technologies such as blockchain distributed legers, targeted solutions for data and knowledge management, and policy efforts to support large scale infrastructure towards advancing the pure and applied chemical sciences.



Data analytics, chemical intelligence, data management, blockchain distrubuted leger technology



  • IL1: Beeta BALALI-MOOD (Lab of the Future Lead, Pistoia Alliance Inc., London, UK)

  • IL2: Gilles GEORGES (Chief Scientific Officer, CAS, Cincinnatti, OH, USA)

  • IL3: Richard SHUTE (Consultant, Curlew Research, Prestbury, Chesh, UK)