Session 5.3

The development of education


Benchmarks, context based learning, educational reform, evaluation, in-service teacher training, instructional design, learning communities, nature of science, educational research, professional development, society and environment education


  • KN : Sibel ERDURAN (University of Oxford, UK)

  • IL1: Ilka PARCHMANN (University of Kiel, DE)

  • IL2: Rachel MAMLOK-NAMAN (Weizmann Institute, Rehovot, IL)


There is a growing need of chemists. In order to recruit them chemistry education in secondary schools has to be attractive enough to attract new students. Both research in chemistry education as well as the development of attractive programs are important focal points for the renewal of chemistry education. Around the world experiments are carried out to improve the interest of students. Groups of teachers work together with researchers to find effective and evidence based ways to improve chemistry education and make it more attractive for students. This ranges from special context oriented programs, to small scale chemistry programs.