Session 5.1

Relation between education and society


Education, science and society, responsible research and innovation, decision making, childhood education, nature of science, values in science education, teaching innovations, conceptional change in science


  • KN: Peter MAHAFFY (Kings University, Edmonton, CA)

  • IL1: Ron BLONDER (Weizmann Institute, Rehovot, IL)

  • IL2: Ingo EILKS (University of Bremen, DE)


Science and more specifically chemistry can play an important role in addressing the sustainable development goals formulated by the UN. The formidable challenges faces in the next 25 to 50 years need input from all sciences and specifically chemistry. How can students develop attitudes, and acquire skills, that highlight the relation between chemistry and society? How can chemistry education adapt to face these challenges? At the ICCE in 2018 Peter Mahaffy and Steve Matlin introduced a new development called systems thinking in chemistry education. Worldwide several initiatives have started up to include societal issues in chemistry education.