Session 4.1



Surveys, regulations, sociology, geopolitics, ethics, public understanding of science, risk perception, content analysis, experience sampling, doxastic attitudes, etc…


Marie-Claude VITORGE (Chimie et Société/Fond. Maison de la Chimie, Paris, FR), Patrick BAUCHAT (Univ. Rennes, Chimie et Société/Fond. Maison de la Chimie, FR), Fabienne CRETTAZ VON ROTEN (Faculté Sciences Soc. et Politiques, Lausanne, CH), Hélène MEJEAN (Consultante, Paris, FR)


  • KN: Martin W. BAUER (Director of MSc Social and public communication, Professor of social psychology, London School of Economics and Political Science, UK)

  • IL1: Nicolas CUDRE-MAUROUX (Senior executive vice-president, Solvay, Brussels, BE)

  • IL2: Mathias GIREL (Director of the department of philosophy, ENS, Paris, FR) 


A number of investigations have been conducted on the role of chemistry in the society and on its perception by citizens. This symposium will consider the information collected worldwide on the identification of problems emerging from chemicals and on regulations to solve them, compare the different approaches and draw some useful guidelines.


Participants are invited to submit abstracts for contributions addressing this theme.

This call also concerns congressists registered in other thematics who have also interests in chemistry and society activities.