Session 3.5.3

Novel approaches to tackle global environmental challenges


Biomimetic materials, carbon reduction, chemical processes, circular economy, corporate responsibility, green chemistry, nanomaterials, low carbon innovations, microbial fuel cells, molecular design, next generation polymers, pollution reduction and remediation, resource and material efficiency, smart materials, sustainability, waste recycling, waste valorisation, water recycling and purifications.


Speakers ​​

  • KN: Melanie KAH (Environmental Geosciences, University of Auckland, NZ) Applications of nanotechnology in agriculture and implications for environmental and human health

  • IL1: Volker ABETZ (Chemistry Dpt., University of Hamburg, DE) Development of polymer membranes with controlled pore size in flat sheet and hollow fiber geometry: a new generation of membranes for clean water

  • IL2: Maria ZANONI (Institute of Chemistry, Sao Paulo State University, BR) Photoelectrocatalysis as alternative technology to tackle safe drinking water, sanitation and carbon reduction challenges


This section highlights how novel chemical approaches are helping to meet some of the UN Sustainable Development Goals e.g. providing clean water and sanitation, affordable and clean energy. We particularly welcome contributions that provide solutions to environmental challenges in the developing world.