Session 3.5.2

Advanced techniques for pollution and waste reduction


circular economy, green chemistry, nanomaterials, microbial fuel cells, next generation polymers, pollution reduction and remediation, smart materials, waste recycling, waste valorisation, water recycling and purifications.


Speakers ​​

  • KN: Sabu THOMAS (Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam, IN) "Nanoscale engineering strategies for developing high performance functional eco-friendly polymer nanocomposites for water purification"

  • IL1: Angela SERPE (Cagliari University, IT) "Urban Mines: innovative sustainable methods for critical elements recovery"   

  • IL2: Petr FEDOTOV (RAS, Moscow, RU)


This session focuses on the contributions of chemistry in advanced treatment of pollution and the alternative solutions to minimise the release of pollutants into the environment. The development of circular economy is particularly important in overcome the challenges related to our finite resource and waste production. Innovative chemical process and techniques in recycling and valorising wastes will be particularly welcomed.