Session 3.5.1

Innovative chemistry in industrial solutions


Biomimetic materials, green energy, nanomaterials, low carbon innovations, microbial fuel cells, molecular design, next generation polymers, smart materials, sustainability, water recycling and purification.



  • THL (short video): Avelino CORMA (ITQ, U-Valencia, ES)

  • KN: Anne GAFFNEY ( Idaho National Laboratory, USA)

  • IL1: Simone LIGI (CEO of Graphene-XT, Bologna, Italy)

  • IL2: Willie PEIJNENBURG (RIVM, Bilthoven, NL) 


This session celebrates the key role of chemistry in providing innovative solutions to a number of industrial processes to overcome pre-existing challenges, including regulation compliance, carbon footprint reduction, waste and energy consumption minimisation, performance enhancement and sustainability attainment. Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) has already been applied to support different decision-making procedures in product lifecycle management, such as eco-design, process optimizations, supply-chain management, and marketing or strategic decisions. In this session, how LCA provides a driver for innovative chemistry to provide more sustainable solutions for industries.