Session 3.4.1

Advanced preparation and in situ/operando characterization of catalysts


Operando spectroscopy ; in situ spectroscopy ; advanced catalyst synthesis ; novel catalytic processes



  • THL (short video): Avelino CORMA (ITQ, U-Valencia, ES)

  • KN: Ulrike DIEBOLD (University of Vienna, AT)

  • IL1: Kenichi SHIMIZU (Institute for Catalysis, Hokkaido University, Sapporo, JP)

  • IL2: Stig HELVEG (Haldor Topsøe, Lingby, DK)


Current industrial catalytic processes have been very highly developed during the last 40 to 100 years of continuous efforts in academic and industrial research and development. Further advancements hence can only be achieved if and when all aspects of the catalytic processes ranging from surface chemistry to process engineering are studied at most fundamental levels. To achieve this goal high-end operando and in situ characterization techniques are being developed allowing the in depth investigation of chemical processes occurring during catalyst precursor synthesis, catalyst activation, operation, and with time on stream, deactivation. Fundamental knowledge generated in such studies leads on one hand to advanced preparation methods of novel, improved catalytic materials as well as catalytic process design and control on the other.