Session 3.3.2

CO2 Utilization/Recycling through Chemical Conversion


CO2 utilization – chemical looping – solar fuels from CO2 – synthesis of chemicals – water splitting – catalysis – electrocatalysis – photocatalysis – reduction


Speakers ​​

  • KN: Xinbin MA (Tianjin University, CN)

  • IL1: Etsuko FUJITA (Brookhaven National Laboratory, USA)

  • IL2: Alessandra QUADRELLI (CPE Lyon, FR)


The utilization of CO2 and its recycling through chemical conversion offers opportunities to reintroduce CO2 in value chains. A myriad of solutions is currently explored at the fundamental and more technological levels, to convert CO2 to useful chemicals and fuels. The session will foster discussions on the use of CO2 as a carbon feedstock for the production of commodities or as part as an energy system for the storage of renewable energy.