Session 3.2.2

Valorization of biobased compounds & coproducts into sustainable chemicals


biofuels, biochemicals, lignocellulose, agriculture and forest residual and waste valorization, recycling of bio-sourced materials, oleochemical platform



  • KN: Pieter C.A. BRUYJNINCX (Utrecht University, NL)

  • IL1: Haichao LIU (Peking Unversity, Beijing, CN)

  • IL2: Agnieszka M. RUPPERT (IGEC, Lodz University of Technology, PL)

  • IL3: Julie ZIMMERMAN (Yale University, New Haven, USA)


All aspects of biomass and bioproducts valorization will be considered including applications for transportation fuels, new chemical and materials, or “drop-in” materials/chemicals. Different platforms molecules such as those derived from furfurals, valerolactone, levullinic acid, polyols are expected to be represented. Concerning biobased compounds, they can be issued from first generation renewable resources (such as vegetable oil and co-products) as well as from second generation resources (non-edible nature, from agriculture or forestry) such as lignocellulose derivatives (cellulose, hemicellulose, saccharide…) including waste wood forest residues (coppice surplus), agriculture residues, organic wastes…. Recycling of bio-sourced chemicals and materials should be considered as well.