Session 3.2.1

Novel technologies for biomass valorization


Biotechnology, bioprocess, homogeneous, heterogeneous and biocatalysis, hybrid catalysis, process engineering, biorefinery, separation technology, intensified Processes, sustainability


Speakers ​​

  • THL(short video): Avelino CORMA (ITQ, U-Valencia, ES)

  • KN: Liane M. ROSSI (Sao Paulo University, BR)

  • IL1: Sergei VARFOLOMEEV (Emanuel Inst. Biochem. Phys., RAS, Moscow, RU)

  • IL2: Bala SUBRAMANIAM (University of Kansas, Lawrence, USA)

  • IL3: Joachim VENUS (Leibniz Institute, Potsdam, DE)


Novel technologies will cover enzymatic and fermentation processes as well as purely chemical reactions via homogeneous or heterogeneous catalysis and hybrid catalysis (direct combination of biocatalysis and chemocatalysis) that make possible the conversion of renewable resources into “drop-in” chemicals/fuels or new intermediates or materials. Engineering and process design will be considered, including feedstock pretreatment and product separation steps.