Session 3.1.1

New insights in mass spectrometry and effect directed analysis


Contaminants of emerging concern, High Resolution Mass Spectrometry, Effect Directed Analysis



THL (short video): Avelino CORMA (ITQ, U-Valencia, ES)

KN: Emma SCHYMANSKI, (Luxembourg University, LU)

IL1: Thomas TERNES, (Federal Institute of Hydrology, Koblenz, DE)  



Adverse effects observed in the wildlife are most often caused by mixtures of known and unknown pollutants. However, environmental risk assessment is currently based on targeted chemical analyses. Such analyses focus on the detection of a selection of known pollutants, which do not often explain the observed toxic effects in complex environmental samples (e.g. unknown compounds, transformation product, cocktail effect...). One of the key challenges in environmental chemistry and ecotoxicology is to characterize and identify those toxicants. To achieve this, in view to extend the range of environmentally relevant pollutants to be monitored and to decrease detection limits, new tools have been recently developed. This session intends to present recent developments in the field of new analytical methodologies such as non-target screening, in vitro bioassays and Effect-Directed Analysis approach (EDA).