Session 2.6.1

Fuel cycle processes


Nuclear fuel cycle, front-end, back-end, uranium mining, uranium enrichment, nuclear fuel fabrication, nuclear fuel recycling, plutonium management, innovative processes, radioelements chemistry, chemical separation, solvent extraction, chemical engineering for nuclear applications.


Speakers ​​

  • KN : Guillaume DUREAU (Executive VP, ORANO, Paris, FR)

  • IL1: Terry A. TODD (Idaho National Laboratory, Idaho Falls, USA)

  • IL2 : Guoan. A. YE (China Institute of Atomic Energy, Beijing, CN)


Chemistry and chemical engineering have been from the beginning involved in the development of nuclear systems, and sophisticated processes have been designed and operated, coping with the very severe requirements inherent to the nuclear field. It appears now that fuel cycle processes are key for the sustainability of nuclear industry: security of uranium supply, long-term management of nuclear materials and waste are directly linked to fuel cycle options and to fuel cycle processes. This session will provide a large overview of nuclear fuel cycle stakes, options and challenges for the future of nuclear power.