Session 2.4.2

Organic, dye sensitized and new concept based solar cells


Organic solar cells, dye sensitized solar cells, emerging PV technologies, stability, degradation mechanism, charge generation and recombination, manufacturing and up-scaling


Speakers :​​

Symposium Honorary Lecture:

  • THL: Michael GRAETZEL (EPFL, Lausanne, CH)

  • KN: Natalie STINGELIN (Imperial College, London, UK)

  • IL1: Martin PFEIFER (Heliatek GmbH, Dresden, DE)

  • IL2: Thuc-Quyen NGUYEN (UCSB, Santa Barbara, USA)


Organic and dye sensitized solar cell devices have attracted a significant attention in scientific community due to their potential to scale to terawatt and becoming a triple-green technology: green manufacturing with clean processes and non-toxic materials, clean electricity supply during solar cell operation, and finally – closing the loop – with a recycling scheme available for the used materials.. This session will be focused on materials development for these solar cell technologies, including material synthesis of polymers and small molecules, as well as new device architectures and device characterization, manufacturing and up-scaling technologies and strategies and stability and degradation mechanisms for these solar cell technologies. It includes material synthesis of polymers and, small molecules, as well as, new device architectures and device characterization, and emerging PV technologies (including new concepts like quantum dot solar cells, photon conversion…).