Session 2.4.1

Next generation of Hybrid Perovskites and earth-abundant materials solar cells


Hybrid perovskites solar cells, kesterites, emerging earth abundant solar absorbers, defects analysis, interface and surface properties, reproducibility, stability, degradation mechanisms, life cycle analysis



  • KN: David MITZI (Duke University, Durham, USA)

  • IL1: Sang-Il SEOK (UNIST, Ulsan, KR)

  • IL2: Hema KARUNADASA (Stanford University, USA


This session focuses on the latest scientific and technical progress of perovskites, kesterites and other emerging earth abundant photovoltaic absorbers. This session will cover the main aspects of the science of materials and devices that are paving the road towards the high efficient and stable solar cells. Topics concerning materials synthesis, device physics, modeling, novel n and p-type transparent conducting oxides, defects analysis of materials, Interface and surface properties, degradation mechanisms and strategies to improve cell performance and lifetime and any related issues will be discussed.