Session 2.3.1

Multi-electron multi-proton electrocatalysis


Electrocatalysis, Fuel forming reactions, interfacial electron-transfer, operando, X-ray characterization, in-situ techniques, CO2 reduction, Oxygen evolution



  • KN: Beatriz ROLDÁN CUENYA (Fritz Haber Institut Max Planck, Bochum, DE)

  • IL1: Ifan E. L. STEPHENS (Imperial College, London, UK)

  • IL2: Fabio DIONIGI (TU Berlin, DE)


In artificial photosynthesis, photogenerated free electrons and free holes unfold their reactive power through “dark”, that is, not light-driven, but bias potential-driven electrochemical transformations. Molecular fuel bonds are generated by means of heterogeneous electrocatalytic bond making and breaking at a liquid electrolyte-solid electrocatalyst interface. This Session addresses the surface chemistry and surface reactivity of such electrocatalytic processes at the atomic scale. Topics covered include synthesis, operando characterization of catalysts and reactive intermediates and concomitant electrochemical performance;