Session 2.2.2

New concepts for electrochemical capacitors


carbon, porous materials, 2-dimmensional materials, metal oxides, metal carbides electrolytes, electrode architecture, in-situ and advanced characterization techniques.



  • KN: Bruce DUNN (MSE, UCLA, USA)

  • IL1: Katsumi KANEKO (ICST, Shinshu University, Nagano, JP)

  • IL2: Andrea BALDUCCI (CEEC, Jena University, DE)


Electrochemical capacitors have been extensively studied during the past decade. Fundamental studies of the physical mechanism underlying charge storage in capacitive and pseudocapacitive materials, as well as the development of in-situ tools and advanced simulation techniques have led to performance improvement. This session will present the recent advances in the field, focusing onto new concepts for capacitive and pseudocapacitive energy storage, including new concepts of electrolytes.