Session 1.3.2

Nanotechnologies for Food


Nanoparticles, functional food, nano-processed food products, nanocoatings.



  • KN: Remko BOOM (Agrotechnology & Food Science, University Wageningen, NL)

  • IL1: Uri LESMES  (Biotechnology  & Food Engineering, Technion, Haifa, IL)

  • IL2: Liangli (Lucy) YU, (University of Maryland at College Park, MD, USA)


There are an increasing number of nanotechnology applications in the food industry. These new applications include nanosystems for delivery of nutrients and supplements, nanosized additives for food, food packaging applications, nanocoatings on food contact surfaces for barrier or antimicrobial properties, etc.

The symposium will focus on progress, opportunities and challenges for nanotechnology-based systems in food.