Session 1.4.2

Self-assembled and engineered soft materials for life sciences


Smart materials, nanoreactors, compartments, life-like, artificial muscles, nanomachines, template synthesis, biomolecular engineering, biohybrids, capsules, etc.



  • KN: Molly STEVENS (Imperial College, London, UK)

  • IL1: Jan VAN HEST (Radboud University, Eindhoven, NL)

  • IL2: Nicolas GIUSEPPONE (Institut Charles Sadron, CNRS, Strasbourg, FR)


The engineering of polymers and soft materials, together with the control of their self-assembly to generate complex and smart systems, is currently a topic of great interest, especially for the life sciences. This session will provide insights on chemistry and polymer chemistry to propose advanced materials in the fields of nano- and biomaterials for biotechnology and medicine, smart compartments with life-like features, nanoreactors. actuating systems, artificial materials, sensors, etc..