Session 1.4.1

Soft nanosystems for drug delivery applications


Polymers, biomaterials, nanoparticles, micelles, drug delivery, nanogels, prodrug, cancer, anticancer activity, bioconjugates, nanocapsules, etc.

Symposium Honorary lecturer

  • THL: Krzysztof MATYJASZEWSKI  (U-Carnegie-Mellon, Pittsburgh, USA)



  • KN: Paula T. HAMMOND  (MIT, Cambridge, USA)

  • IL1: Sébastien LECOMMANDOUX (ENSCPB, Bordeaux, FR)

  • IL2: Yi Yan YANG  (National University of Singapore, SG)


Drug efficacy is often altered by nonspecific cell and tissue biodistribution and because some drugs are rapidly metabolized or excreted from the body. Nanoscale systems have recently received tremendous attention as possible means to tackle these issues. In this context, the current session will provide insights on the new trends for design of advanced nanosytems based on polymers and soft materials for drug delivery applications to treat severe diseases including cancer, infections, neurodegenerative disorders, etc.